“There are 1,000’s of Elvis Tributes out there, but with his incredible voice, charismatic charm and convincing look, there is only one Wally Tiemer!”
Red Robinson
DJ and Legendary Hall of Fame inductee

“Wally has been featured in my Elvis, Elvis, Elvis productions and I can tell you he’s a truly great performer. With his powerful Elvis voice, strong look and authentic costumes, Wally is definitely a player in the Elvis business. However it is his charm and charisma and natural rapport with an audience that sets him apart from the rest. His shows are entertaining and professional in every manner and I highly recommend him to anyone in the business of hiring Elvis Tribute Shows.”
Les Vogt
Producer, Legends Of Rock ‘N Roll

“Wally Elvis Gold Tiemer worked with us at Club Med Punta Cana. He did two great performances of an Elvis imitation that really pleased our 1200 guests. It was the first time our theater had that kind of electricity in the air. I would recommend his act to anyone, anywhere. We have a very international crowd and Wally really impressed everyone. His fun attitude in and around the resort was as important as his work on stage. You can’t go wrong with him!”
Resort Manager
Club Med, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

“The last person I heard sing ‘My Way’ with that much emotion and power was Elvis himself.”
Marian Cocke, Elvis’ private nurse

“On behalf of the team at the Sheraton Hotel, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing to hold your Elvis Gold show at our property. Needless to say, your show was a huge success and I’ve heard nothing but great accolades about you and your show … your show was fabulous … It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”
General Manager
Sheraton Hotel

“It was wonderful to see Elvis (Wally) as the young dynamo, with the voice, the fabulous costumes, and all the moves! You endeared yourself to the sold-out house with your contagious joy and enthusiasm for the King Of Rock ‘n Roll! The audience was unanimous in their opinion that your Elvis was the best they’d ever seen! The musicians and back-up singers were fabulous. You were very professional and all of our staff enjoyed working with you. We were thrilled to be a part of such a spectacular and entertaining performance. The respect that you have for Elvis shines in your performance and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Surrey Arts Club Theatre

Royal Canadian Legion Entertainment Committee

“What an electrifying presentation. Wally’s commitment to uphold the memories of Elvis and his dedication to the King are commendable. Never have I seen a performer who is so sincere in his performance. If you get the opportunity to see Wally you will most assuredly be impressed with the man and his work. I highly recommend Wally to everyone as the complete entertainment package. His show is top notch professional.”
Royal Canadian Legion Entertainment Chair

“Wally performed his Elvis, Elvis, Elvis performance for us in June and October 2005. We had standing room only and found his show very entertaining and put together extremely professional. I highly recommend this outstanding show.”
Casino Entertainment Consultant

“Wally not only does Elvis to a T, but he gives his audience the full package; he truly enthralls the audience. I have seen Elvis impersonators before but none like Wally. He brings his personality into the show and gives the audience 110%. I would recommend him to any establishment!”
Royal Canadian Legion Entertainment Chair